Ad Roundup: Platforms to protect data, give answers

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First, AnswerDash has been recognized for its innovation; the company has been named a “Cool Vendor’ by Gartner. The platform is a self-serve, contextual help platform for websites and web applications.

“Marketing and customer support have traditionally been worlds apart inside companies, but website users make no such distinctions,” said Jake Wobbrock, co-founder and chief scientist of AnswerDash. “Web visitors and app users simply want to achieve their goals online, and if they can’t do so easily, they’ll go elsewhere. Instant, contextual answers both increase sales and reduce customer support costs for online businesses.”

And GitLab has completed a $1.5 million seed funding round. GitLab is an open source code collaboration platform; the funding will be used in part to open a new San Francisco office. GitLab has more than 100,000 organization user and a community of more than 800,000.

Finally, Cloud-Clout has launched a cloud-powered data storage system. The platform encrypts and fragments user data across global servers, helping to protect user information while keeping that information accessible.

“Think of Cloud-Clout as your central storage of personal data on the internet that you can save and retrieve your digital assets from anywhere in the world from any internet enabled device,” said Eugene Shulha, founder, Cloud-Clout. “Users have the ability to access their data using any mobile device, laptop, desktop, and tablet. We put security first when we designed our solution and this is our biggest differentiator when compared to our competitors in the industry.”



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