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BizReport : Advertising archives : June 09, 2015

Unruly: CTRs no longer key for marketers

Look for a bigger budget boost to programmatic video endeavors. That, according to new Unruly data which shows more executives are pushing dollars into programmatic video even though they consider programmatic an average performer.

by Kristina Knight

Add another nail in the click-through coffin. According to new data from Unruly more markters are pushing budget dollars into programmatic because they see click-thru rates as less and less relevant to their overall campaign performance.

"Our survey reveals the extent to which the tectonic plates of ad tech have shifted. CTR, once the key KPI for marketers, is no longer as relevant, instead making way for engagement metrics such as viewability, completed views or interaction rates," said Unruly CEO Scott Button. "With the increasing number of programmatic targeting capabilities at our fingertips, the research highlights a massive shift in the way marketers are evaluating their digital video campaigns."

The Unruly's data shows:

• 3/4s of executive will shift more ad dollars into programmatic over the next 12 months, 2/3s say they've already made the shift
• Worries about programmatic video include inventory quality (20%), low viewability (17%) for US brands while low viewability (17%) and skill gaps/team inexpertise (15%) ranked highest for UK brands
• Both US and UK marketers are most interested in programmatic/emotional targeting options

About two-thirds of respondents said they'll take budget dollars out of TV to increase their programmatic video spend over the next year. Why the move? Marketers believe the hard viewability and completed views are a better metric than more simplified click-thrus.

"With budget moving from TV to online, specifically through programmatic channels, it's alarming to see that less than half of respondents in our survey felt they had a good handle on programmatic video knowledge," said Button. "Programmatic ad buying provides marketers with a huge opportunity to better target their audiences, however, if we continue to see a lack of education in the industry, it's going to lead to wasted budgets. The smart marketers are the ones who are going to invest heavily programmatic ad buying across departments."

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