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BizReport : Mobile Marketing : June 18, 2015

Top 3 tips to fine-tune mobile

There are a lot of options in mobile these days, but success still comes down to strategy. One expert shares his top 3 tips for brands to fine-tune mobile.

by Kristina Knight

First, brands struggling to optimize mobile messages should do a mindset reality check: How should marketers rethink their approach to push notifications?

"When we encourage mobile marketers to "rethink" their approach to push notifications, we're urging them to take advantage of the customer base that has already opted in to receive messages on their smartphones. Why? Those customers are already engaged, eager for conversations in the mobile environment and have proven their value to the retailer or brand. They're already on board, and if they're frequent spenders or active mobile app users, they're in the top 20% of a brand's most valuable customer base. Mobile marketers should pamper them by sending push notifications that are personalized, timely and relevant - the very factors that have proven to increase engagement, boost spending, and deepen loyalty," said Ramsey Masri, CEO, OtherLevels. "We think that's a far more successful approach to push notifications than what we sometimes see, which is a hesitation to send push notifications out of a concern that consumers might opt out. In our opinion, zeroing in on an eager, already opted-in mobile audience will bring far more immediate results and more successful long-term gains than a scaled-back plan based on not offending customers who are already not a core part of the franchise."

Second, Millennials' spending behaviors are driven by their willingness to be engaged through mobile devices. Millennials are not only willing to engage on mobile devices, they're highly dependent on mobile devices, compared to older demographic groups. The best way to create loyalty with any group of consumers, Millennials included, is to send them mobile messages and offers that are personal and relevant.

Third, expanding on the formula every brand marketer should practice with mobile: time + relevancy + content = loyalty.

"At the heart of that formula is "the right message to the right person at the right time," and it's particularly true in the mobile environment. Mobile messages are quick, fleeting and instantaneous, and mobile marketers have to make sure that each message they send is able to break through the clutter and not be interpreted as intrusive or off-target. Sending a targeted, personalized message to a customer with content that's based on what she likes, how frequently she uses a brand's mobile app, what she's bought in the past, even her time zone has a far better chance of being noticed and acted on than one stock message blanketed to 1,000 customers who happen to fit a broad demographic," said Masri.

More from OtherLevels and Masri later this week, including how to use mobile to build loyalty.

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