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BizReport : Advertising archives : May 29, 2015

How to maximize your content marketing strategy

Content marketing is all about brand engagement and connecting with consumers, whereas many forms of traditional advertising promote products, deals or promotions. The latter is much more of a one-dimensional approach, says one expert.

by Kristina Knight

Kristina: Unlike many traditional forms of advertising, how does content marketing humanize the user experience?

Marla Schimke, Vice President of Marketing, Zumobi: While it's clear that advertising is effective and obviously here to stay, content marketing's overall goal is very different. A brand leverages content marketing strategies via mobile, for example, to reach consumers through various mediums (a video clip or a DIY blog) that provide value or entertainment, versus just selling something. Through content marketing, especially on mobile, brands increase engagement, in-app session times skyrocket, and brand loyalists are established.

Kristina: How and why are consumers increasingly becoming open to receiving personalized content?

Marla: We all know that since the advent of the personal computer and then the mobile device, consumers have been inundated with millions of apps, push notifications, tweets, posts, etc. While having options is always a good thing, the truth is: consumers are increasingly becoming overwhelmed with too much information. Such information overload has prompted a need for highly personalized marketing messages and content. And what better platform than the one that is literally always with today's connected consumer? The mobile device. In fact, a recent study by Adobe found that 71% of consumers reported that they like receiving personalized offers from preferred brands and retailers. Consumers enjoy that brands and retailers are learning about their individual likes/dislikes based on preferences, search behaviors and viewing patterns. This shift in consumer attitudes has created immense opportunities for brands to deliver highly personalized content at an individual level.

Kristina: For the first time, it seems as though consumers want a brand/retailer to learn about their interests/needs over time versus delivering an ad simply because they visited that website in the past 60-90 days. Why is this?
Marla: Mobile provides brands with real-time access to targeted consumers allowing them to enjoy interesting and unique content when and where they want it. It puts consumers in control. Thus, the smartphone racks up millions of "mobile minutes" - far more than the laptop or desktop - during which brands have unlimited access to consumers.

Kristina: Why is the mobile platform the perfect medium for brands/retailers to humanize the consumer experience?

Marla: Mobile as the platform of choice for today's connected consumers is not up for debate. Everywhere you go, be it on the bus, in the airport or waiting in line at Starbucks, smartphone owners have their heads down buried in their mobile device. Mobile has become like a second skin, making it the quintessential mobile content marketing channel for brands. Brands create a ton of amazing content, but curating it into a corporate app is not easy. A consumer might search on YouTube and then hop on Instagram to access a brand's content, but they are forced to switch from app to app - there is no continuity and it's definitely not an ideal user experience. The key to getting mobile content marketing right is to inject all valuable content assets in a branded app to keep consumers engaged. Fresh, relevant content in a brand's mobile app is a win for the consumer and the brand. Today brands and marketers are able to utilize mobile content marketing technologies that automate the content curation process.

For example, our Zumobi Brand Integration (Zbi) platform enables brands to leverage all of their great content and inject it in their app to improve conversion rates and time spent within the app while also encouraging visitors to repeatedly visit the app.

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