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BizReport : Mobile Marketing : May 08, 2015

Brands: How to engage through mobile without overloading

There are hundreds of thousands of apps in the mobile space - everything from productivity enhancements to games and even social networking options. All that connection can be a boon for brands - unless they bombard their customers with too much information.

by Kristina Knight

Kristina: What is leading to the information overload syndrome we're seeing currently?

Felice Gabriel, Co-Founder, Delvv: As more of our personal conversations and business transactions have moved online, it seems like everybody wants more of our attention, which is divided into ever thinner slices. We don't call each other anymore - we text, email, or chat in interruptive fragments. Dozens of email newsletters, daily deals, and push notifications all vie for our clicks and reads. The number of communications and their fragmentary nature forces us to process different types of information, switching tasks more than our brains are really designed to.

Kristina: How can mobile companies help combat this issue?

Felice: Mobile companies should aim to communicate with users in a manner and with the frequency that users want. The real key is making it easy for users to tone down notification or email frequency and ensure the relevance of all communications through simple, readily accessible feedback mechanisms - a user who feels respected is less likely to block, delete, and ignore you.

Kristina: How can a brand know if they're overloading a customer's 'digital diet'?

Felice: If a user is consistently ignoring otherwise compelling communications then
either they just aren't that into what you're pitching or they may be inundated with too many communications to adequately process them.

Kristina: If brands are overloading their customer base, what should they do to right the situation?

Felice: Brands need to think about the purpose of each channel i.e., social media, email, push notifications, etc. Avoid duplication, consolidate messages, and focus only on delivering the highest value communications and content.

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