Surveys point to what Mom wants

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First, Criteo has released a new infographic that finds if kids (and dads) have already made purchases, Mom will likely get jewelry for Mother’s Day. Those shopping the week of May 4 are most likely to receive clothing/accessories from mass merchants or luxury brands and those shopping last minute (week of May 7), flowers and gifts are on tap.

The report also indicates about one-third of Mother’s Day purchases will be made on mobile devices this year.

As to what Mom really wants, a new survey from Ebates indicates moms aren’t looking for a trip to the gym from their kids. The Ebates survey shows more than half (60%) of moms want quality family time while about one-third (31%) would be happy with dinner out.

But Mother’s Day isn’t just about giving gifts -it’s about what Moms have given their kids. BeFrugal recently surveyed people about the best advice they’ve gotten from their mom. Among the winners:

• 81% say Mom has offered financial advice, about half (55%) say that advice was to ‘live within the means’ and to budget (40%)
• 85% say Mom taught them to be frugal, 57% say Mom taught them how to take advantage of sales, coupons and discount codes
• 79% say they’ll use Mom’s tricks when they shop – using coupons and codes to save



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