Report: Autofill features on social media improve conversions

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There is new data out from Formstack that point to autofill as the key for form conversions. According to their data conversion rates increased nearly 200% when businesses allows forms to be autofilled via social media. Their data also shows contest forms now have a 35% average conversion rate.

“With our second annual Form Conversion benchmark report, we hope to help marketers identify the best tools and tactics to optimize content and increase conversions,” said Chris Byers, CEO of Formstack. “With information from more than 650,000 of our own form users, this in-depth look at how online forms are converting can further equip marketers for success.”

Some interesting findings from the report include:

• Survey, Order and Payment forms average 22 fields per form
• Conversion rates are between 9% and 14% on these forms
• Embedded contest forms within Facebook offer conversion rates between 9% and 20%
• Peak submission times for contest forms are at 8pm

“Our goal is to help marketers identify better performing messaging and forms for better lead generation and increased conversions,” said Chris Lucas, vice president of marketing, Formstack. “Optimized forms can be a valuable resource for any marketing team, and this report provides key insight based on data gleaned from real form users.”



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