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BizReport : Mobile Marketing : April 06, 2015

Expert offers insight into how Apple's Watch may change advertising

From shoppers to brands and even content producers, Apple's Watch could change the way we all interact. Last week our expert shared how the Apple Watch could impact shoppers; today, he weighs in on how the Watch could change things for advertisers.

by Kristina Knight

First, it could spur new types of contextually targeted deals or recommendations.

"The watch as a new form factor opens the door to offering shoppers additional information with instant access and no phone out (if done right), even if it's just a micro bit of information, such as the aisle number of the next item on their list. This not only enables more engagement, but also finally paves the way for true, contextual deals and recommendations for shoppers based on the watch always being on and out. Without the physical barrier of having to pull your phone out of your pocket, the watch marks another step forward to an always-connected, personalized shopping experience," said Josh Marti, CEO and Co-Founder, Point Inside.

Second, Apple Watch could fit each digital or in-store experience to its purpose.

"While mobile phones are supposedly mobile by nature, it's tough to hold your phone, steer a shopping cart, read your shopping list, and try to select your products - all simultaneously with only two hands. The quick, hands-free accessibility of the Apple Watch means it will likely have a higher adoption rate and preferred use as a shopping channel when in stores than smartphone apps. The PC, smartphone and watch all have their place in the shopping journey - depending on the location and context of the shopper," said Marti.

Third, it could open the door to more and better micro marketing and messaging.

"The Apple Watch will open all kinds of new in-store marketing opportunities by using beacons to offer a form of micro-communication between retailers and shoppers using the watch. This concept is critical in enabling improved real-time customer engagement and targeted messaging for retailers who take advantage of the opportunity. The messages that will appear on the watch will have to be brief, relevant, helpful and additive to the shopper's experience. For the first time in history, you will no longer need your smartphone out to receive necessary information, unless there is a value trade-off, i.e., a coupon or incentive that's not available on the watch itself," said Marti.

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