Mobile Roundup: Payment options, partnerships announced

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First, PayStand has launched a mobile point of sale app; the tool is an all in one mPOS option which allows merchants to use credit card, checks and Bitcoin payments from their customers. The system can be used in physical stores as well as remote locations using a card reader that connects through the iPhone audio jack.

“Mobile credit card payments are proliferating at the point of sale, but the fees involved have gotten too expensive for merchants,” says PayStand founder and CEO Jeremy Almond. “With our mobile app, PayStand is bringing the same ease-of-use, flexibility and cost-savings to retailers at the point of sale as we provide for online merchants,”

Meanwhile ExoClick has expanded its global carrier targeting capabilities to include IP addresses in Europe, North and South America, Africa, Asia and Australasia. The increased targeting gives advertisers on their platform connections to more than 300 mobile carriers.

And, Sonata has launched a geo-contextual and geo-behavioral ad platform which can be used globally. through the platform brands can segment audiences based on location patterns; the platform attaches location to behavioral and contextual clue to increase the relevance of ads and content.

“Where you are is who you are,” said Alvaro del Castillo, Founder and CEO, of TAPTAP Networks, parent company of Sonata. “Location history brings unique behavioral data that is closely related to our interests at a point in time. Our technology takes us a step further; it enables brands to attribute digital efforts with real world results and optimize and retarget from there. Global, national and local brands are now able to measure real return on ad spend in the digital and physical world within one platform.”



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