Study: Younger Americans as invested in messaging apps as socnets

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According to The Magid Brand Engagement Research Report messaging apps are key to how young adults and teens communicate – moreso than even the social giant Facebook. According to their report these younger consumers are actually more invested in messaging apps than with social networks. Messaging apps Kik, Snapchat and even Facebook Messenger are the communications of choice, finds the report.

“Users have become accustomed to interacting with brands on platforms like Facebook and Twitter,” said Tero Kuittinen, managing director, Magid Associates. “However, as older social apps struggle with momentum in the youth market, brands are taking a closer look at messenger platforms like Kik and Snapchat, which offer unrestricted organic reach and younger audiences that want to engage with brands.”

Some interesting takeaways from the report include:

• On average users engaged with messaging app Kik for 35 minutes/session and Snapchat for 21 minutes/session
• On average users engage with Facebook for 37 minutes/session, Instagram for 27 minutes/session
• 30% of Kik users are interested in direct brand engagement, 23% of Facebook and Snapchat users say the same
• 57% of 21-25 year olds say social/messaging apps are ‘an important source’ of brand information
• 45% say they’d like to speak directly to brands rather than following/liking a brand

Meanwhile, most of those surveyed (90%) say they’ve interacted with brands on social media and nearly two-thirds (60%) say they’ve followed/liked a brand while 56% say they’ve watched a branded video. Only about 19% say they’ve directly chatted with a brand on social media.



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