Research reveals significant increase in online shopping

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In 2013, 36% of U.S. shoppers and 45% of U.K. shoppers reported doing the majority of their shopping online. New research from Wipro Digital shows a considerable shift to ecommerce 61% of U.S. and 71% of U.S. now logging on to make the majority of their purchases.

And the trend shows no sign of abating. According to Wipro, 50% of those surveyed said they plan to do more shopping online this year with just 4% of U.S. and 6% of U.K shoppers planning to increase visits to a store.

The move to online is reflected in the amount spent during the 2014 holiday season. U.S. shoppers spent an average of $400 online compared with $302 in-store and U.S. consumers spent $438 online and $269 in-store.

“Consumers continue their steady march online, finding few reasons to shop in-store rather than online for their holiday shopping,” said Avinash Rao, global head, Wipro Digital. “But even online, omnichannel retailers are losing customers to Internet pure-plays. Brick-and-mortar retailers are having difficulty delivering on the benefits of omnichannel retailing.”



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