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BizReport : Ecommerce archives : November 27, 2014

Forge relationships with consumers with gamification marketing techniques

Are you reaching your audiences effectively using the channels they demand? According to new research from 3radical, almost half of consumers in the UK determine whether or not they will purchase from a brand based on whether they get the right or relevant information.

by Helen Leggatt

A lack of bespoke or targeted messaging from brands leads to 30% of British consumers ignoring communications, even from their favorite brands, found 3radical's research. Such a lack of understanding of what they want from brand communications may even see some consumers terminate their relationship with a brand altogether.

While rewarding and relevant messaging is important to consumers, a critical factor in whether they are responsive to such messaging is timing, along with location and mobile messaging.

According to David Eldridge, CEO and co-founder at 3radical, to survive new consumer environments and behaviors brands must rethink their interactions with customers and prospects.

"The fundamentals of our business are built on the knowledge that typically less than 5% of marketing communications are getting a response - that leaves a 95% opportunity for brands to get one up on their competitors," says Eldridge. "Our research shows that consumers are giving brands a clear message about what they want; nowadays, they are looking for a true value exchange between the business and the customer. It needs to be mobile and it must be contextually relevant to them."

Furthermore, with consumers becoming a lot more aware of their own power and influence in the digital world, they are looking to brands to reward them for their loyalty and custom. In return for reading or responding to messaging, 87% want something of value provided to them.

Gamification marketing is one way that brands can forge a more rewarding and engaging relationship with consumers.

According to 3radical, "In return for adopting such gamification strategies as loyalty programme points, VIP perks and exclusive deals, brands are rewarded with more engaging relationships with their customers. Studies have shown that the average amount of time visitors spend on a brand's website can more than double following gamification campaigns".

3radical has developed the first comprehensive mobile gamification platform that enables brands to use a wide range of different gamification techniques to engage with individual consumers quickly, easily and at low risk.

Brands get a high level of engagement with consumers and ultimately impact their behavior, whilst consumers get a fair exchange of value with brands and highly relevant communications and offers.

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