Survey: Loyalty club members visit sites more often

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On average retailers using Huzzah Media’s merchant platform seen 400 customers enroll in loyalty programs. Huzzah’s research also shows that loyalty club members visit retailer sites at least 4 times each month; in one case, loyalty club members checked in to retail sites almost 14,000 times in a six month period.

“An effective and easy-to-use loyalty platform can make a big difference for businesses – and with the increased traffic during the holiday season, now is the perfect time for retailers to set one up,” said Lance Brown, vice president of product development at Huzzah Media. “Huzzah delivers a first-class digital rewards platform that small businesses can customize to ensure it meets their unique needs and offers new opportunities for growth.”

How can retailers make the most of reward programs? Here are their top 3 tips:

First, push the local factor. Especially during the holiday season most retailers will see increased foot traffic. Mention loyalty programs to those customers so that they have an increased reason to step inside during non-holiday seasons.

Second, make enrollment simple. Don’t force shoppers to fill out pages and pages of information. Offer a 10 second program pitch and then keep the sign-up simple, too.

Third, think about the season. You want customers to return throughout the year, but there is nothing wrong with using the holiday season – any of them – as a reward incentive. Double-points for January shoppers is a strategy used by many programs.



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