U.K. motor insurance mobile purchase experience found wanting

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The research, conducted by Google, Nielsen and GfK found that only 53% of UK motor insurers provided a positive experience on a smartphone.

While most had a mobile landing page, once the quote process was embarked upon the interface provided a poor experience. And yet, 52% of consumers will use a smartphone or tablet at some point during their research and 21% use a desktop/laptop, smartphone and tablet.

As with other sectors, a poor mobile experience usually results in consumers leaving a site and looking elsewhere.

Of those that purchased car insurance, 82% carried out research online before purchasing and 60% of those who auto-renewed first researched online.

“Car insurance providers and aggregators are still struggling with multichannel and multi device attribution – it’s an industry that has worked on a final click attribution model for many years, so all the models have been built around last click,” Google’s head of insurance, Andy Mihalop, told The Drum. “But multi-device attribution is something the industry really needs to adopt to keep up with consumers.”

The full whitepaper can be found online here.

Another study, this time from Eptica, found that U.K. insurers are also struggling to cope with social and other online channels. While the number of customer enquiries being answered online has risen – up to 57% this year compared to 48% last year – the sector still lags behind others such as fashion retailers who answer 79% of enquiries posed online.



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