Study: Moms more and more dependent on mobiles

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“This study builds on early BabyCenter research, which found that Millennial moms are more likely than their Gen X counterparts to live their lives on mobile,” said Julie Michaelson, Vice President of Sales, BabyCenter. “Pairing that finding with these new survey results, one can only imagine that the mobile movement will continue to gain momentum with moms, and that it will become more and more critical for brands to make mobile a top priority in their marketing mix in order to reach them.”

Some interesting findings from the report include:

• 98% of moms are texting and 88% visiting social networks
• 66% play games and 65% watch video content
• 73% view short form video clips to pass time
• 61% use mobile devices while watching television

“Today’s moms are always on the move, which means that smartphones are the single most important tool for communicating with them,” said Linda Murray, Senior Vice President and Global Editor-in-Chief, BabyCenter. “It’s extremely important that we understand their needs, give them the mobile tools they need to make their lives easier, and figure out the best ways to reach them wherever they are during their busy days and nights. Brands that learn to effectively leverage mobile will be the clear winners with this newest generation of moms.”



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