Expert Opinion: Why brands need a niche

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Kristina: How can marketers better use social media?

Mark Satterfield, CEO and Founder, Gentle Rain Marketing, and author of The One Week Marketing Plan: Posting on social media sites for the sake of posting is a waste of time. Instead of focusing your efforts on low-probability events – such as winning a client through a tweet – use social media as a lead-generation tool to drive people to your blog posts. Come up with several different hooks for each blog you post to grab people’s attention.

Kristina: There is an on-going debate over email versus direct mail. Care to weigh in?

Mark: Direct mail may sound old-school, but it is still a highly effective workhorse. As email increasingly becomes the communication vehicle of choice, there’s less snail mail than ever – meaning a mailed sales letter can truly stand out. Moreover, there’s more engagement with physical mail than with email. And, by buying the right mailing lists, you can pinpoint your target audience with laser-like precision.

Kristina: What about video? Is it an important part of an overall strategy?

Mark: Study after study shows that video is more effective in terms of SEO, lead generation, attracting prospects to your website, keeping them engaged while they are there, and ultimately converting them into customers. Moreover, since YouTube is now the second most searched site after Google, video takes on increased importance. Your first foray into video marketing should focus on motivating viewers to opt in for your free offer and join your list of subscribers.



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