Shareaholic: Quarter of website traffic driven by Facebook

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Shareaholic has declared Facebook “the social network to end all social networks” following recent data that shows Zuckerberg’s baby now accounts for just over 23% of all visits to the social media analytics and publishing firm’s network of websites. That’s a significant 10.09% gain since March 2014 and a whopping 150.49% gain since the end of Q2 2013.

While a quarter of all Shareaholic’s websites’ visitors are now referred to them via Facebook, other networks are way behind. Pinterest refers just 5.72%, Twitter 1.03% and the remaining social media sites such as Google+, StumbleUpon, Reddit and YouTube all come in under 1%.

Professional social networking website LinkedIn came in with just 0.02% of referrals to Shareaholic’s 300,000 or so websites.

In fact, all of Facebook’s competitors in the social media realm saw decreases in referral traffic since the first quarter of this year. Pinterest fell 19% and 1.38 percentage points and Twitter fell 9.9% and 0.11 percentage points.

Commenting on Pinterest on the Shareaholic blog, Danny Wong writes, “Has it hit a plateau? It’s too early to tell. Year-over-year, the image-friendly social platform saw its share grow 69.53% (2.34 percentage points), up from 3.38% overall. Arguably, this is only a temporary decline as it figures out the perfect balance between the amount of promoted pins and organic pins users see. It is premature to think Pinterest’s bubble is due to burst; the four year old social network has barely moved on from its training wheels”.



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