Forecast: More to invest in multi-screen ads

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Look for more ad agencies to put a push toward multi-screen ads in the coming year. That is the takeaway from a new survey out from Jivox which indicates multi-screen advertising has already increased by 75% as more marketers look to mobile to push engagement and reach.

“Multi-screen advertising, once thought to be too difficult and too expensive, is now clearly being widely adopted as leading brands and agencies seek to extend the reach of their digital campaigns,” said Diaz Nesamoney, founder and CEO, Jivox. “Yet what many advertisers fail to realize is that today almost a third of interactive ads render as static fallbacks on mobile devices, which means media ROI is negatively impacted as well as performance KPIs. With the Jivox IQ ad platform, this problem completely disappears. Brands and agencies can confidently run their most creative ad campaigns at scale, knowing they will engage customers on every screen.”

Some interesting takeaways from the report include:

• 60% say they need more actionable insights into multi-screen campaigns
• 47% don’t know which channels perform best
• iOS was names ‘best performing’ platform
• 51% of those not already using multi-screen say they don’t because of a lack of analytics
• 70% say they’ll invest more in multi-screen this year than in year’s past



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