Expert: Why SMBs are pushing farther into digital

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SMBs are catching on – fast – that digital solutions are a good way to reach more customers at a faster pace, even customers who are technically outside their city or region. Plug-and-play solutions make it simple for these smaller businesses not just to advertise but to analyze marketing efforts to get the most from every dollar.

“There are a host of plug-and-play solutions available today that savvy SMBs can implement without the need for involvement from IT, making them even more accessible to businesses of all sizes. Also, SMBs realize the value of the deep, actionable analytics that can be obtained via digital marketing (as opposed to more traditional methods),” said Lars Christensen, Vice President of Marketing with ON24.

One digital option that is just now coming into play for SMBs is the webinar. Once thought to be best for employee training purposes or larger conference calls and meetings, webinars are moving farther into SMB territory and offering another way to connect.

“The modern enterprise demands authentic and measurable business communications tools to succeed. Webinars’ analytics range from high-level metrics to detailed custom reporting on activities of each webinar attendee. The best webinar platforms update all the data in real time. Robust analytics and reporting measure the impact of SMB marketing programs and also allow SMBs to benchmark their performance against that of their competitors,” said Christensen.

More from Lars and ON24 tomorrow, including his top 3 tips for webinar implementation.



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