Mobile app users happy to opt-in to location-tracking

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Legislation in the U.S. could change the landscape for location-based apps amid growing concerns about mobile users’ privacy. Some believe that location-based marketing apps are tantamount to stalking.

But to what extent are mobile users happy to share their location? After analyzing 4 billion push messages from more than 1,000 mobile apps, Urban Airship found that almost two-thirds (62%) of mobile users were happy to opt-in to share their location with such app providers. Among the apps analyzed, location opt-in rates varied from 60% to 80%.

According to Scott Kveton, CEO at Urban Airship, their analysis revealed that “assumptions around consumers being reluctant to share location are false and massively short-sell mobile” and that users “value the location-based functionality of apps”.

“Users obviously value apps’ location-based functionality to earn the opt-in, just as the best apps do with push notifications by explaining its value and using it in personally relevant ways,” said Kveton.

Other findings from Urban Airship’s ‘Good Push Index’ study include:

– Highly targeted push messages drive 293% more response on average than broadcast messages (with some verticals achieving nearly 7x greater response);

– Even a single targeting element like location history can dramatically boost message response rates;

– Many apps see more users opt in to share their location than opt in to push.



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