Ad RoundUp: Moves to improve social, SEO and training

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First, EasySocialShop has released a tool that allows one-click shopping from social network ads. The tool allows retailers to input basic product details; from there the social ads are generated, targeted and launched.

“Advertising on social media is a critical mechanism for SMBs to improve sales and drive growth, so it was only natural for us to address this need for our merchants” said Nissim Lehyani, the company CEO. “Easy Social Shop is committed to serving as a comprehensive platform that allows SMBs to utilize social media to its fullest benefit. Finally SMBs can advertise via a platform that speaks their language. We can help them grow and develop their businesses by reaching new audiences. We’re gradually rolling the new feature to our merchants, from recent usage measurements we saw that 89% advertised for their first time on Facebook via Easy Social Shop, and that 72% are promoting another product after their first attempt.”

And from Rival IQ, a new data suite which gives marketers access to comprehensive SEO analysis; while mobile and social ad avenues are getting more headlines recently, search engine optimization remains a leading way consumers find retailer websites, product pages and reviews.

“We have built this new analytics feature based on our work with hundreds of companies, who we help measure, analyze and understand how they are performing in social media channels both individually and against the competition or market,” explained John Clark, Rival IQ Founder and CEO.

With the Rival IQ platform businesses can learn how their keywords rank compared to competitors, learn which keywords push the most traffic; this kind of analysis can help brands create richer SEO ROI.

Finally, Corporate Visions has acquired Launch International, a marketing and sales company. The acquisition strengthens Corporate Visions place as a leader in consulting, content and training products.

“Corporate Visions applies decision-making science to our message development and skills training programs,” said Corporate Visions CEO Joe Terry. “Launch International is a perfect fit because their content tools are grounded in the unique dynamics of sales conversations. They’ve proven they can create customer needs-centric marketing content that supports the conversations customers want to have, and put that content into the kinds of tools that work the way salespeople need to work.”



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