Top tips to improve lead generation

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“Most marketers don’t realize the amount of data they are sitting on, and how to use data to their advantage. Good data management is an essential component in lead gen strategies as it can help marketers to find out exactly which of their strategies are working, and who exactly their customers are. Data Analysis also helps marketers to react to trends, and keep their messaging relevant,” said Frans Van Hulle, CEO and Co-Founder, ReviMedia.

According to Van Hulle to increase both the quality and efficiency of campaigns advertisers need to embrace automated tools to streamline how campaigns are developed, how leads are measured and grown and how campaign ROI is tracked. In addition, he suggests brands obtain a better understand of lead scoring and verification so that consumer intent is clearer.

“In order to do lead scoring well, marketers need a lot of data to make correlations between user behavior and lead quality in order to calculate a representative score. They also need a large volume of data to align prediction models with actual sales conversions,” he said.

Van Hulle also believes increased transparency is critical to marketers moving forward.

“In online lead generation, distribution models can be complex, which prevents many buyers from knowing exactly where their traffic comes from. This is the biggest missing lead in the lead gen industry, and it is important that buyers have access to tools that give them full insights into where their traffic is coming from,” said Van Hulle.



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