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BizReport : May 23, 2014 Archive

May 23, 2014 Archive

Ecommerce archives | May 23, 2014

Top 3 tips for moving to the cloud

The cloud is beckoning many more small and medium sized businesses to it. Plenty of space for files and data, easy access and security that still allows workers access when they are out of the office. But how do you know if the cloud - and cloud hosting partner - you've chosen is right? >>

Domain Names | May 23, 2014

Domain trends: Numerical, Alphabetical gaining strength

The right domain name can make or break a new business and the right domain can help an existing small business grow in the regional and international space. Domain Holdings has released a new study that highlights trends in the domain name space. >>

Viral Marketing | May 23, 2014

Video shares skyrocket within 3 days of launch

Nearly half of all video shares are happening within the first three days of a branded video launch. That according to new data from Unruly, which should video sharing has nearly doubled in the past year. Last year, during the study only about 25% of video shares happened within the first 3 days of launch. >>

Social Marketing | May 23, 2014

Restaurants with a Facebook Page may now display menu

Restaurants with a presence on Facebook can now better represent their offerings and attract customers by displaying perhaps their most important business ingredients on Facebook - their menu. >>

Social Marketing | May 23, 2014

LinkedIn reveals buying power of 'Prosumers'

Research from LinkedIn, released this week, reveals that its members are an attractive audience for marketers with more buying power and influence than other social network users. >>

Mobile Marketing | May 23, 2014

Expedia: U.K. mobile market outpacing U.S.

British consumers, and especially British travelers, are a more active and mobile-savvy bunch compared with their U.S. counterparts, according to new research released by Expedia Media Solutions. >>