Study: Yellow Pages still working for many consumers, businesses

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Print and online directories may not be as sexy as a viral video ad, but according to the new ADP Ad Effectiveness Study, directory ads could be more engaging than a clever ad during the Super Bowl, March Madness or even in Election Season.

Some interesting findings include:

• Calls to businesses from print ads increased 28% (2010 – 2013)
• On average, calls to advertisers (per year) reached 197, a cost per call of $15.50
• YP advertisers averaged $81,000 in sales from ad investments of $3,280

“Perceptions regarding the value of Yellow Pages advertising do not accurately reflect the reality, particularly for independent publishers and their advertisers,” said Cindi Aldrich, President & CEO, Association of Directory Publishers. “In this study, the first to truly examine the ROI of independent directory advertising, the data clearly point to a healthy medium with strong usage.”

“Calls to businesses from Yellow Pages ads have a 50% conversion rate, compared with 3% for online,” said Dennis Fromholzer, PhD, President, CRM Associates. “In addition print sales have a higher per-customer value.”

Why a higher value? Fromholzer says that is up to 80% of directory headings are service related and for high-value purchases; online and mobile purchases are more likely to be entertainment/retail related, giving them lower values.



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