Mobile releases to up the engagement factor

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First, from Jigsaw Informatics comes a new app called ZapVM; the app allows users to create and share video messaging through their mobile devices. The app combines still images, voice and graphics and then uses touchscreen gestures to create engaging messaging in real-time.

“Emails and text messages, even when paired with images, often result in miscommunication,” said Joan Wood, Jigsaw co-founder and vice president of product development. “Because it is difficult to convey emotion through text and a challenge to convey visual context using whole images, important visual details can get lost in the process. ZapVM allows people to view, manipulate and narrate over their images in realtime–the way they would if the recipient were standing right next to them. The end result is a visual message that is much clearer and easier to understand.”

Video content creation like this has been seeing an uptick in customer engagement and could be a way for brands to present fun and unique branded content without the investment in full-on video production. The created content can be saved to a camera roll, shared via text, email or social networks as well.

Meanwhile smartsy is launching the new Engagement Marketing Platform, specifically for mobile devices. The app-based platform allows marketers and brands to monetize customer interactions.

“Our platform enables traditional advertising assets or even a brand’s physical products to act as a point of contact with the brand’s consumers,” said Arnaud Saint-Paul, founder, smartsy. “It becomes a powerful cross-channel engagement medium where brands can constantly engage their audience and transform consumers into brand ambassadors.”

For example, a shopper could snap a picture of a product with their phone. That pic then becomes a ‘hashtag object’ which launches an immersive customer experience.



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