MarketLive integrates ecomm platform with partner ecosystem

“The goal of MarketLive Connect is to quickly fill in particular needs or point solutions that our customers want, which is part of our commitment to customer-driven commerce. With the release of MarketLive Real-Time Integration Services in January, we have expanded our ability to efficiently integrate with a wide range of point solutions, whether or not they are pre-integrated with our platform. In addition, the deep integration we complete with our strategic partners allows our customers to rest easy, knowing they are getting a MarketLive experience and a technology that is pre-integrated and works,” said Ken Burke, founder and CEO of MarketLive, Inc. “In both scenarios, we carefully screen partners to ensure that their technology is well suited to ours, and that their industry focus and philosophy of quality and service match ours as well.”

The platform either leaves MarketLive in control of how solutions are combined or used or deploys to a wider variety of providers to integrate with retailers or brands through the MarketLive Real-Time Integration Services. This kind of functionality offers merchants more flexibility in how they engage with consumers, how messaging is deployed and what targeting methods are used to increase loyalty and engagement.

Feb 17, 2014 | 01:02 pm


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