Twitter social customer care demand exceeds Facebook

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Airlines are flying high on social media. According to Socialbakers’ latest rankings, airline brands such as KLM are setting an example for other service-based industries in terms of response rate.

The airline industry has the highest response rate on both Facebook and Twitter responding to 76.4% of all in-bound questions on Facebook and 56.3% on Twitter. Not far behind airlines is the finance industry with 76.3% response rate on Facebook and 53.5% on Twitter.

Across all brands, the average response rate in Q4 2013 was 59.4% on Facebook and 40.6% on Twitter. The worst-performing industries were automotive (34.2% / 23.3%) and alcohol (32% / 23.2%).

Interestingly, while Twitter receives more ‘social care demand’ than Facebook – 59.3% relative number of questions versus 40.7% – brands respond more often on Facebook (59.4%) than Twitter (40.6%). Furthermore, retail brands respond more than e-commerce brands (64.2% vs. 58.8%).

socialbakers-logo.png“Consumer demand on Twitter pages is trending up overall, and has even surpassed the demand on Facebook,” writes Socialbakers Campaign Content Specialist, William Miller, on the company blog. “When a customer logs a complaint on social media, it’s increasingly likely that he or she will Tweet it to you, rather than post it on your Wall.”

For a summary of Socialbakers’ findings, check out their infographic.



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