Responsive design not used by world’s top airlines

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Research conducted by travel event ‘Travel Technology Europe’ found that most travel firms (83%) expect to spend more on new technology this year. In particular, 72% of that increased spend will be directed at mobile.

One has to wonder if the airlines will be investing in responsive design because, according to 8 Million Stories, not one has implemented responsive design, despite it being Google’s top recommendation for mobile.

Out of the UK’s top 11 airlines, just one – Thomas Cook Airlines – uses responsive design. Implemented in November last year, conversions from the newly designed website have already risen by over 30%.

According to 8 Million Stories, there are multiple reasons why airlines have been slow to adopt responsive design.

“It isn’t always that simple for airlines to implement,” says Simon Heyes, strategy and marketing director of 8 Million Stories. “Scheduling IT and development time, aligning web change schedules, realigning and changing current booking systems are all factors that prevent many airlines diving into responsive design.”



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