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BizReport : January 2, 2014 Archive

January 2, 2014 Archive

Social Marketing | January 02, 2014

Janrain: Google gaining on Facebook

Over the past two years social login has been trending up with Facebook as a clear leader in the space. But new data just out from Janrain indicates a change in the tide. According to their numbers Google is gaining on Facebook for logins. >>

Ecommerce archives | January 02, 2014

Return fraud may cost retailers

The 2013 holiday shopping season may have seen retailers earn 10% more than in 2012, but return fraud may still cost them. According to a survey by the National Retailer Federation return fraud could cost retailers $3 billion; nearly $9 billion in return fraud can be expected for the year as a whole. >>

Mobile Marketing | January 02, 2014

Report: Touch, sound most important senses for mobiles

In the mobile world most retailers are focused on sight - what messaging, images or reviews do consumers see. But a new infographic out from Immersion indicates all five senses can have an impact on mobile shoppers. >>

Advertising archives | January 02, 2014

Experts: Look for marketing changes in 2014

Retailers are always updating strategy when it comes to online marketing. But two experts believe there will be more to marketing and marketing analysis in 2014 than ever before. Those changes may change entire strategies for the year. >>

Ecommerce archives | January 02, 2014

comScore: 10% increase in online 2013 holiday spending

While no one said the 2013 holiday spend would set the world on fire, the strength in consumer spending may be a surprise to some. According to comScore's tally the official online spend for the 2013 holiday season was 10% over 2012 spending. This even though the holiday season was shortened by nearly a week. >>