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BizReport : Blogs & Content archives : December 30, 2013

Why mobile games will rule 2014

One major challenge in the gaming space has been the cost factor. For the most part brands have needed to create native game, especially to produces IOS and Android versions, plus the download requirement in the app stores is typically too much friction for users to ever even play the game in the first place.

by Kristina Knight

Kristina: Will we see more and more brands use mobile web games as a marketing tactic in 2014?

Rob Grossberg, TreSensa CEO: Absolutely. We are already working with several large media companies and brands on mobile web game initiatives in 2014 and are building out an entire business line to support this growing demand. Once the brands understand the offering and value proposition, the decision to pursue mobile web games has been a no-brainer.

Kristina: Why do you think the mobile web is the next great mobile gaming platform?

Rob: First, it removes the friction in playing a game on your phone or tablet. No download commitment is necessary for a mobile web game - just click and you are playing. Even more important though, removing the download requirement opens the game up to seamless social sharing via Facebook, Twitter or any of the emerging mobile social platforms. Again, just click the shared game link and you are playing regardless of device or operating system.

Kristina: Are the economics are broken in the current mobile game market?

Rob: If you are a game studio hoping to build a hit game in the App Store, the odds are stacked against you in a big way; the economics simply do not work. The current cost-per-install in the Apple App Store now stands at $2.73, according to a recent study by SuperData, a NY-based market research firm. The study also noted that the average monthly revenue per user generated by gaming apps has topped off at $1.96. To have a chance at even making your marketing investment back you need to maintain a strong purchase conversion rate amongst your user base, and you need to hold their interest for between one and two months, which in gaming years is forever.

Kristina: What new alternatives are emerging for game discovery and monetization.

Rob: Just like how the web helped break down pre-existing content monopolies and became the democratizing force in opening up all sorts of content to the masses online, the mobile web is beginning to do the same thing today on mobile devices. Games supported on the mobile web are not constrained by the limited discovery and monetization options that affect native only games. Games on the mobile web can be discovered, shared, and monetized in all the ways desktop web games have been monetized to date.

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