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BizReport : Mobile Marketing : November 20, 2013

Expert: The most engaging mobile content

Almost one quarter of all videos right now are online or mobile ads. One major benefit for advertisers is that video works so well with social media engagement. Half of all YouTube videos are shared, and we see similar video-sharing patterns with our solutions. One expert weighs in on the most engaging kinds of mobile content.

by Kristina Knight

Kristina: Every month it seems online video views are increasing by at least 10%, are you seeing similar growth from the mobile side?

Andreas Bodczek, CEO and Co-Founder, SponsorPay: We're seeing explosive growth in mobile advertising, which we've observed in both the KPIs and revenue growth of our clients. One mobile app of a long-term publisher partner of ours exemplifies this trend. Click-through-rate (CTR) for the ads we have served in this app has more than tripled from 3.1 percent to 10.7 percent since January 2013. Growth of this nature is fueling a tectonic shift towards mobile, and mobile video in particular.

Kristina: What types of content seem to be most engaging for mobile video viewers?

Andreas: From our experience, non-intrusive formats make a big difference when it comes to engagement. When viewers opt-in to video advertising, they're more likely to enjoy the content and be willing to interact. Proper device targeting is also crucial in keeping the engagement relevant. On smartphones, for example, consumers seem to enjoy "content snacking" and prefer to watch short entertainment segments of no more than 60 seconds. Mini-video clips on mobile are a perfect fit for this mindset.

Kristina: How are advertisers performing in the space?

Andreas: In short, they are performing extremely well. Advertisers can generate this share-rate success most effectively with customized and shareable ad units. Our most successful video campaign, which generated hundreds of thousands of full views and a 39 percent click-through-rate, attracted attention for its high-quality content and unique call to action. The brand's video campaign featured a famous comedy actor, invited users to play a mini-game, and then gave users the opportunity to win a pair of very appealing tickets. These types of interactive campaigns - campaigns that entertain viewers with humor and games, and that promise high payouts - seem to have the most significant ROI for advertisers.

More from Andreas and SponsorPay tomorrow, including how brands can overcome the challenges of mobile.

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