61% of brand emails opened on a mobile device

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The number of marketing emails opened on a mobile device (61%) now exceeds those opened on a desktop computer and there is a huge difference in which OS experiences the most opens.

A whopping 78.7% of all marketing message email opens occur on an iPhone, according to Movable Ink’s “U.S. Consumer Device Preference Report Q3 2013“, compared with just 20.7% on Android.

Even across all devices – including tablets, desktop and smartphones – the iPhone accounted for almost 36% of total email opens compared with 9.3% for Android.

However, Jordan Cohen, VP of marketing for Movable Ink, says he would not ignore Android in favor of iPhone. “9.3% is definitely not insignificant,” he told Direct Marketing News. “If almost one in 10 of your emails is being opened on an Android. I would certainly want to design for that platform and cater to your audience on that platform.”

Earlier this year, YesMail Interactive analyzed more than 5 billion marketing emails from Q2 2013 and found that, while almost half (49%) of all email opens were happening on a mobile device the number of consumers clicking on an email after open is just 11%, half the click-to-open rate on a desktop (23%).

According to Michael Fisher, president of Yesmail Interactive, the findings suggest marketers aren’t providing consumers with the mobile email experience they want.

“The discrepancy between click-to-open rates means many consumers are disregarding mobile emails,” said Fisher. “Brands need to implement mobile-first strategies that rely on responsive design, customized content and easily clickable calls to action. Otherwise, their messages will be deleted or go unread.”



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