Survey: More mobile purchases this holiday season

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“Hipcricket survey data shows that 42% of respondents will shop more on mobile devices this holiday season compared to 2012. This means that the total number of mobile purchases should increase significantly, as the survey also found that in the past six months, close to 59% of smartphones users made at least one purchase on their device,” was written in the report. “Hipcricket estimates that mobile devices will contribute to overall holiday commerce sales growth in two ways, both as a driver of total sales, as more consumers make purchases on their smartphones and tablets, and, increasingly, as a shopping research tool, driving consumers into stores or back to desktops where they complete transactions.”

Other interesting findings include:

• 41% say they’ll spend between $1 and $99 via mobile device, 23% say they’ll spend between $100 and $249
• 25% say they’ve made between two and four mobile purchases in the past six months
• 83% say they’re researching products via mobile device, 75% say they’re reading product reviews

As for why they’re shopping via mobile most (50%) say mobile offers easy transactions. Books, tickets and music/video content make up the bulk on mobile purchases, followed by consumer electronics and health/beauty items.



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