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BizReport : Ecommerce archives : September 30, 2013

Mobile: Brits more likely to showroom than Americans

A survey by Microsoft involving 6,000 consumers across five countries reveals that Brits are more focused in their use of mobile in retail stores, and are more likely to indulge in showrooming than Americans.

by Helen Leggatt

In a recent survey, "How Advertisers Can Take Advantage of Future Consumer Trends", Microsoft found that 42% of Brits check out electronics goods in a store before going on to purchase an item online from a different retailer.

In comparison, just 27% of Americans display the same behavior but 36% of those who look at items in-store will go on to make a purchase from the same retailer.

The same survey revealed Brits are far more focused in their shopping journey. When shopping for 'considered' electronic purchases, 77% only visit the store area containing the product they originally set out to look at. In the U.S. that figure is just 59% and 14% of Americans browse the entire store, compared to just 6% in the UK.

Furthermore, Brits are more likely to buy only the electronic item they initially sought (81%), and nothing else. Americans, on the other hand, were more likely (57%) to be impulsive with 34% going on to purchase electronic items they had not considered before entering a store.

"While many retailers still separate brick and mortar from online retail channels, consumers see the two as connected, and they expect to feel that connection throughout their decision journey," says Natasha Hritzuk, Global Senior Insights Director, Microsoft Advertising. "They want connected experiences and more sophisticated means of moving from online channels into the store and back again. We expect this desire will only intensify over time."

More proof (as if you need it) of the need for retailers to meet the showrooming trend head-on, rather than ignoring it, is provided in Econsultancy's recent Mobile Commerce Compendium.

It shows that 57% of smartphone users have used their device in-store, the most common activity being price comparison with other retailers (63%).

"This raises a difficult dilemma for retailers, as the natural urge is to try and prevent customers from shopping at their competitors using the mobile web but in reality it's impossible to prevent people from doing it," says report author and Econsultancy senior reporter, David Moth.

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