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BizReport : September 11, 2013 Archive

September 11, 2013 Archive

Ecommerce archives | September 11, 2013

Online SMBs show 'strong' performance finds report

Big retail brands might make more headlines for their online performance, but new data out from Volusion shows that small businesses are holding their own - and growing - in the online retail space. Across the Volusion platform (January - June 2013) more than 11 transactions were finalized totaling $1.59 billion dollars. >>

Research archives | September 11, 2013

Viggle: Mobile screens improving TV ad spend

New data from Viggle shows a connection between mobile screens and television ad campaign performance. According to their new study, conducted by Nielsen, a major brand found their campaign performed better when viewers saw an ad on television while they were simultaneously using the Viggle app. >>

Advertising archives | September 11, 2013

ClickTale tapped for website optimization

In a world where more businesses are going online every day, it becomes harder and harder for new businesses to carve out an online presence. In-page web analysis hub ClickTale offers brands an assist by optimizing web pages. >>