Majority of CEOs fail to engage with social media

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The research, released by Domo and, reveals that 70% of Fortune 500 CEOs do not have a presence on social media – not even an unused Twitter profile or abandoned Facebook page.

And of the remaining 30% who do venture into the social media world, the vast majority (28%) chooses to use LinkedIn. Of those 140 CEOs on LinkedIn, 25 have more than 500 connections.

Just 28, or 3.8%, of Fortune 500 CEOs are on Twitter, 10 more than last year, but only 19 have bothered to use their account to send out a Tweet in the last 100 days.

“The rise of Twitter in particular really points to the need for speed among CEOs,” said Josh James, founder of and Domo. “Business leaders desire information that is quick, succinct and easily digestible. Twitter more than any other social network delivers on that.”

Similarly, just 35 have a presence on Facebook, and that figure has decreased since last year when 38 CEOs were using the social network.

Google+ is the least used among social savvy CEOs – just 5 of the Fortune 500 CEOs have an account on this social network.



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