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BizReport : August 13, 2013 Archive

August 13, 2013 Archive

Mobile Marketing | August 13, 2013

Study: People delete emails that don't render on mobile

The explosion of mobile devices is allowing more consumers to engage in more places, unfortunately it is also underlining an on-going problem: email rendering. Despite the ability of businesses to test emails to ensure they render correctly across screens, many do not. And a new report indicates those non-rendering emails are getting an auto-delete from mobile consumers. >>

Mobile Marketing | August 13, 2013

How click-to-call is pushing brand messages in mobile

As brands become more at ease with online ad options, some traditionally offline engagements are making it online - including the resurgence of click to call advertising. Many still see the phone as a very high-value channel for engaging customers, in particular for closing high-value transactions typical in many segments. >>

Advertising | August 13, 2013

Platforms to push greater SMB engagement

Two platform upgrades should give small businesses a better foothold in the online space - without toppling marketing budgets in the process. The first will allow brands to create ads for both the social and search spaces while the second offers an assist with customer automation. >>