Unruly, Solve Media products to push ads into new territory

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Digital revenues are expected to be especially strong, pushing past $113 billion (13% YoY increase) according to Magna Global. The increases are credited to a strengthening global economy.

Poised to take advantage of the increase in digital ad revenues is a new product from Unruly; the product integrates the Twitter-owned Vine app, which allows users to create short video clips. Called Unruly Vine Academy, the new product allows brands to create Vine content and then track how that content is doing using Unruly’s ShareRank algorithm. The content can be distributed around the world.

“Vine and other platforms, most recently Instagram, are leading a revolution in social video sharing,” said Unruly COO and co-founder, Sarah Wood. “Mobile video consumption tripled in 2012; video is the fastest growing ad format worldwide and Vine is changing the social video landscape, six seconds at a time. Advertisers can get ahead of the competition, grow their social footprint and extend their mobile reach by including Vine as part of an always-on content marketing strategy.

Solve Media is another hub helping advertisers make the most of their online bucks. New data out from the company shows how their Mobile TYPE-IN platform helped the Unilever brand increase purchase intent (87% increase) and brand awareness (122% increase) in the mobile space.

“We have solved many mobile advertising industry challenges: low user engagement, accidental clicks, bot threats, and wasted ad spend,” said Ari Jacoby, CEO of Solve Media. “Solve Media has become a trusted partner in display and video advertising, and we are excited to bring simplicity, accountability and effectiveness to mobile advertising.”



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