BlueKai links offline, online interactions

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BlueKai has integrated with top-level offline match platforms including LiveRamp, iBehavior and DataLogix.

“A majority of FORTUNE 500 companies are still heavily invested in offline marketing programs resulting in a goldmine of data about prospects and customers, ” said Cory Treffiletti, Senior Vice President of Marketing at BlueKai. “The ability to bring CRM intelligence into digital is a no-brainer for marketers and BlueKai does it faster than anyone else in the industry. Moreover, offline data intelligence is then immediately actionable to hundreds of execution partners to inform digital ads, offers and content that deliver a consistent and borderless brand message.”

Through the BlueKai offering brands can:

• Target audiences segments across the online space, including social options
• Target prospects who aren’t existing customers
• Target based on upsell messaging
• Create ‘lookalike’ data models to increase the scale of smaller audience sets
• Compare on-site behaviors with offline purchases

This kind of data correlation will help brands increase the lifetime value of customers, when used correctly. When brands can link offline and online behaviors they get a clearer picture of what existing customers as well as potential customers are in-market for, and may campaign adjustments based on those data points.



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