Report: SMBs missing out on mobile commerce

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In their new report, “Small Merchants and Mobile Payments: 2013 Survey on Technology Awareness and Adoption”, TransFirst, a leading provider of transaction processing services and payment enabling technologies, and ControlScan, a payment security and compliance solution provider, reveal that almost half (49%) of ecommerce merchants are aware that their websites are not optimized for mobile.

Another 17% don’t actually know whether or not their websites are optimized. In fact, despite significant mobile adoption among consumers, just 31% of multi-channel businesses have a mobile optimized website.

To make matters worse, for both customers and small businesses, just 37% are either in the process of optimization (15%) or plan to optimize in the next year (22%).

The remainder? Well, they may have mobile consumers knocking on their doors but they aren’t about to let them in. Twenty-one percent are ‘somewhat interested’ in mobile optimization and plan to do something within the next 1-2 years, 29% have no plans to optimize in the foreseeable future and another 13% are unsure.

“Business owners who aren’t already up to speed with mobile payment acceptance need to have a viable plan of action to get there,” said Craig Tieken, director of product at TransFirst.

David Abouchar, senior director of product management for ControlScan agrees. “The mobile payment survey findings show that small merchants have a real business need to effectively adapt to mobile technology trends. Now is the time for ISOs and acquirers to embrace these trends with innovative offerings that guide their merchants toward business growth and increased revenue.”



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