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BizReport : May 9, 2013 Archive

May 9, 2013 Archive

Ecommerce archives | May 09, 2013

Study: User experience impacting cart abandon rates

If you're looking for reasons shoppers may be abandoning shopping carts in your online store look no further than the mobile experience you offer. That according to new data out from Jumio. Researchers found that mobiles, especially, are susceptible to the 'bad experience' rule with 66% of mobiles abandoning a purchase because of check-out issues. >>

Trends & Ideas archives | May 09, 2013

PIPsters: a new breed of consumers selling their personal data for cash

Marketers want consumer data - they collect it and they buy it. Today's savvy consumers know this and some, dubbed PIPsters by a new report, are happy to hand over their personal information for cash. >>

Mobile Marketing | May 09, 2013

If you're happy and you know it, tell your phone

Facebook may ask you how you're feeling, but a new app developed by scientists at the UK's Cambridge University uses smartphone sensors and psychological feedback to tell you how you're feeling. >>

Mobile Marketing | May 09, 2013

Inadvertent app purchases costing British parents $47m a year

Brits download an average of 29 apps for their smartphone, but pay for very few. However, parents are finding their free apps can become very expensive when younger members of the family get hold of their mobile devices. >>

Ecommerce archives | May 09, 2013

Study: Couponers pushing product launches

Want your next product launch to have a bit more of a bang? Consider targeting digital coupon users as part of the campaign. That, according to new data out from which indicates that digital coupon users are some of the first to try new products - especially when coupons are offered. >>

Advertising archives | May 09, 2013

Tool from YANGAROO to simplify traffic, integrations

Online or offline one area that can hang up advertising traffic - as in, getting the ads to the right place at the right time - is the distribution system in place. Some systems require workers to enter information from form to form, increasing the risk that some aspect of that filing will be mis-entered. Enter a new solution from YANGAROO set up to simplify that process. >>