LiveRamp, Aggregate Knowledge team for online, offline data tracking

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According to Aggregate Knowledgeoffline data can increase the engagement level of online ads by enhancing predictability and ensuring a consistent message across channels.

Through the partnership, LiveRamp will ensure the data is secure before onboarding to the Aggregate Knowledge Media Intelligence Platform. The data includes audience segmentation that should identify buying trends, to the vertical level.

“We are excited to partner with AK to onboard high-quality transactional data safely and accurately, allowing marketers to utilize rich offline insights to build and measure their online campaigns in AK’s platform,” said LiveRamp CEO, Auren Hoffman.

David Jakubowski, Aggregate Knowledge CEO said, “By onboarding non-PII offline transactional data, brands can easily create custom audiences, target high converters, increase reach, and drive sales. Exclusive access to this high-quality data demonstrates AK’s strong partnerships along with our agnostic media and data position in the industry.”

The data collected and onboarded is first grouped into verticals including Business to Business, Entertainment and Home. Advertisers can the ‘try before they buy’ the data by overlaying it onto their audience segments. The platform will integrate data from purchase histories, direct and email campaigns, loyalty programs and CRM.



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