Nielsen research reveals importance of mixed media approach to drive brand awareness

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nielsen logo.pngNielsen’s Global Survey of New Product Purchase Sentiment surveyed more than 29,000 online respondents from 58 countries about new product awareness.

It found that over three-quarters (77%) believe word-of-mouth recommendations from family and friends are “the most persuasive” source of information about new products and brands.

Meanwhile, in-store discovery continues to be a huge driver of awareness with 72% becoming aware of new products due to in-store advertising and information. Freebies play a big part, too, with 70% discovering a new product via this route. Of other marketing channels TV is next with 59% followed by print ads with 54%.

“There is no one-size-fits-all approach to successfully developing and marketing a compelling new product,” said Rob Wengel, senior vice president, Nielsen Innovation Analytics. “By focusing on unmet needs, creating a distinct solution, and developing a market-ready offer, marketers and manufacturers will create the best opportunity to ensure their product delivers on core demand insight and is ultimately adopted by consumers. However, ensuring consumers are aware of the product and can find it on store shelves is just as critical as coming up with that winning new product idea.”

Other drivers investigated by Nielsen include:

Active internet search – 67%
Job/work – 55%
Brand webpage – 55%
Website articles – 53%
Outdoor billboard – 46%
Message boards – 43%
Social media – 43%
Banner ads – 42%
Public event – 41%
Radio ads – 40%
Direct mail – 39%
Public transport ad – 39%
Video sharing – 37%
Marketing emails – 34%



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