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BizReport : February 12, 2013 Archive

February 12, 2013 Archive

Advertising archives | February 12, 2013

FreeWheel: More made-for-tv ads going online

While more original programming is hitting the online video space, for ads, more brands are using existing content to get their message across. According to new data out from FreeWheel, the 'standard' :30 TV commercial became the most used video ad format (online) in 2012. >>

Internet | February 12, 2013

Platform offers cloud access to all

A new platform in the online space is set up to open cloud options to small businesses around the web. While many platforms are out there to provide cloud access, many are cost-prohibitive for SMBs. Pertino is offering a Limited Release of their new service, offering through Software Defined Networks (SDN). >>

Social Marketing | February 12, 2013

Study: Password fatigue getting to shoppers

While the online space has made it simpler for some shoppers to find some products, it's also made shopping a bit more frustrating - at least for some. All those sites requiring site logins and passwords? According to new data out from Janrain password fatigue is on the rise among online shoppers. >>

Mobile Marketing | February 12, 2013

Magazine sales plummet as mobile shoppers ignore newsstands

According to new figures, sales of consumer magazines at newsstands across the US dropped in the second half of 2012 in part, say some publishers, because of a phenomenon dubbed "mobile blinder". >>

Mobile Marketing | February 12, 2013

comScore: Lack of awareness, education are barriers to digital wallet adoption

A recent report from comScore reveals that a lack of awareness, education and a misunderstanding of digital wallets is holding back intent and adoption of use. >>

Ecommerce archives | February 12, 2013

Amex enables seamless purchasing via Twitter

Further to the success of Amex Sync for offers, American Express has teamed up with Twitter to enable the credit card's customers to make purchases via the social network using special hashtags. >>