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BizReport : Advertising archives : January 03, 2013

Why data is more important than ever for 2013

With the wealth of online data available, most brands should show strong growth through 2013, correct? Not necessarily. While data is readily available many businesses don't have plans in place to capitalize on insights and that is a big problem as we head into Q1.

by Kristina Knight

Kristina: Data has become a bigger and bigger headline throughout 2012 - what changes have you seen in data collection through the last year year?

Cory Treffiletti, SVP, Marketing, BlueKai: In the beginning of 2012, we saw there was active interest from marketers and publishers on how to tap into their data assets to improve audience targeting and marketing efforts. Many of them started by collecting and organizing their website traffic data to power better audience segmentation and re-targeting. A natural progression from there was, "how do I put more intelligence into my data repository? How do I take learnings and data from non-digital channels to better target online?" This led many of them to bring in offline data sources, such as CRM files (anonymized) to help drive better audience analytics and re-targeting on the Internet. The trend is that as marketers and publishers get more comfortable with data management, they will become increasingly mature on what new data to bring in to make them smarter about their audience.

Kristina: What do you expect to see from both data collection and data usage as we head into 2013? And, how important is it for brands to have a data strategy?

Cory: New emerging channels have put increased pressure on brands to be able to more accurately and efficiently identify and reach target audiences wherever they consume information and (Web, mobile apps, social, search, etc.) and buy products. (in-store, online, mobile, etc.) Data is the underlying intelligence that can empower brands to start to link audience behaviors across channels and to effectively message to audiences wherever they happen to be. In 2013, we will see this transpire in two ways. 1) Data in- as a marketer, how do I get a comprehensive view of ALL my touchpoints with my customer and prospects across offline, mobile, search, social, etc.? 2) Data out - how do I activate this intelligence to make ALL of my marketing smarter? How do I push data back to mobile, to search, to social as well as audience analytics and modeling, or to create a more relevant content experience with my prospects? These are all questions that can be answered with a solid data strategy heading into 2013.

More from Cory and BlueKai tomorrow, including how brands can improve data strategy - starting now.

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