Mobile accounted for 11% of ecommerce sales in 2012

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American consumers spent a healthy $25 billion via mobile transactions during 2012, an 81% rise on 2011. Along with social networking, gaming and emailing, shopping has become one of the top mobile device activities.

While $25 billion may sound a lot, it’s but a fraction of overall e-commerce sales in 2012 – 11% to be more precise.

As smartphone penetration increases and the retail sector catches up with the channel, coupled with the inevitable adoption of mobile payment technology, mobile’s share of e-commerce sales will continue to grow.

Experts expect mobile to account for 15% of e-commerce sales this year. By 2016 that figure is expected to reach 27%, or $87 billion, with shopping on tablets more prevalent than via smartphones.

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According to eMarketer, “This year, US consumers will spend $24 billion shopping on their tablets, and that figure will nearly double by 2015. M-commerce sales on smartphones are lower and will grow more slowly, reaching $13.44 billion this year and $24.32 billion by 2016. Purchases on other mobile devices, such as ereaders, will continue to make up a small but steady share of the m-commerce pie.”



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