U.K. shoppers to spend 15 million hours online on Cyber Monday

Online retailers in the U.K. are getting ready for what is expected to be the busiest pre-Christmas online shopping day in the country’s history. Next Monday, 3 December, is the country’s Cyber Monday, Experian Hitwise forecasts 115 million visits to U.K. retail websites, a 36% rise on last year.

In 2011, U.K. shoppers made 84.6 million visits to online retail sites on Cyber Monday, with Amazon and eBay representing 28% of all retail visits on that day.

Shoppers are expected to spend 15 million hours online on Cyber Monday this year, says James Murray, digital insight manager at Experian Marketing Services, that’s 15 minutes for each person in the country. The number of hours spent online shopping during the whole of December is forecast to reach 375 million.

“This will be the peak of pre-Christmas shopping in the UK so marketers need to make sure their campaigns are in place to maximise traffic on Cyber Monday: it’s not too late to promote special offers through email and social media,” said Murray. “Understanding what people are interested in, the best channels to engage customers through and when to reach them will be crucial to success this Christmas.”

Nov 29, 2012 | 10:11 am


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