Record numbers of online videos viewed in U.S. during September

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Internet users watch over 39 billion online content videos during the month of September, cruising past the record of 27 billion in August, 2012.

No prizes for guessing who dominated the rankings – Google Sites, driven by YouTube – which had 150 million viewers watching 13 billion videos for an average of 419 minutes per viewer during September.

The closest to Google Sites was Yahoo, albeit quite a long way behind. It registered 57 million viewers and 498 million videos watched for an average of 49 minutes per viewer.

As for online video ads, comScore reports almost 9.5 million were seen in September and that over half the population of the U.S. saw a video ad. In fact, comScore‘s data says that a viewer saw somewhere around 64 video ads across the month.

Again, no prizes for guessing where the most ad views took place – Google Sites – with over 1.7 billion video ad views.



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