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BizReport : September 6, 2012 Archive

September 6, 2012 Archive

Research archives | September 06, 2012

Political insights from the DNC, younger Americans

This week marks a moment in the sun for the Democratic Party in the US as delegates meet and the 'official' campaign cycle begins. Likely you've noticed an uptick in the number of political posts on social networks this week, both from media and the general public. >>

Internet | September 06, 2012

Study: IT pros plan to move farther into cloud

When it comes to the online business space, look for more companies to head for the clouds. New data out from Qumu finds a growing number of IT pros have plans to push their companies into the cloud in the coming years to save costs, have better mobility support and save time on infrastructure issues. >>

Mobile Marketing | September 06, 2012

First glimpse of new Kindles in Amazon ad

Just hours before a much anticipated announcement from Amazon, reports are surfacing of a potential "first glimpse" of the new Kindle as well as more insider information that the e-commerce giant will launch a smartphone. >>

Mobile Marketing | September 06, 2012

Dislike of data-sharing drives over half of mobile users to ditch apps

Some mobile apps such as maps and games collect a user's personal details or even track their location. More than half of Americans who use such apps have thought twice about using one once they learned just how much information they were required to share. >>

Ecommerce archives | September 06, 2012

Two-thirds of consumers would 'Like' a brand for a 25% saving

The fifth RedPlum Purse String Study has been released by media and marketing services firm Valassis and it reveals that seeking out deals and coupons has become increasingly social and mobile. >>

Mobile Marketing | September 06, 2012

TradeMob: 40% of mobile clicks fraudulent

Attention mobile brands: if you're seeing a large number of click-thrus but few conversions, you're not alone. And the trend likely won't change soon. According to new data from TradeMob about 40% of mobile clicks are either fraudulent or accidental - making them virtually useless to brands. >>