Mobile clicks up, but clicks aren’t always converting, finds expert

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Many of those new additions are jumping right in to the mobile space – browsing the web, engaging with ads, downloading apps. According to recent data from Marin Software about 18% of paid search clicks are now coming from mobile devices – smartphones and tablets, specifically. (Q2 2012)

Paran Johar, CMO, Jumptap said, “While CTR is a widely used metric in both online and mobile advertising, it is at best a narrow predictor success. The most insightful advertisers consider all factors, including click-to conversion rates and brand metrics such as purchase intent, message recall, and brand performance, depending on their marketing objectives. Understanding an advertiser’s goals upfront and helping them achieve them is why we have such a high renewal rate on the Jumptap network.”

However while the Jumptap data is strong, it also reminds that clicks don’t always mean conversions. The mobile network recently studied data from 10 gaming advertisers. They found ads with low CTRs which had high conversion rates and those with high CTRs which had low conversion rates. In one case CTRs were 177% above the average but the conversion rate was 44% below average.



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